„Malstrom” by Peter Frohmader

Peter Frohmader is a German electronic composer, musician and visual artist. He is also known by the pseudonym Nekropolis, a name under which he released several early works. Taking cues from Carl Orff, Magma, Glenn Branca, and Black Sabbath, Frohmader was recognized for his nightmarish and gothic compositions and as an important figure on the European progressive electronic scene.

Peter Frohmader was born on 9 May 1958 in Munich, Germany and began listening to electronic music such as Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel when he was twelve years old. He quickly began composing music of his own and started several bands such as Alpha Centauri, an avant-garde band, Electronic Delusion, a Tangerine Dream inspired electronic band and Kanaan, which was an electronic music outfit with jazz rock leanings.

Peter Frohmader still continues to produce exciting and groundbreaking music. Here is one example.

Also, please listen to Peter’s Music on his bandcamp:

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released April 20, 2019

Music and Artwork composed by Peter Frohmader, 2019.

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Peter Frohmader – Organic Still Life

TIBProd. Italy

Front Cover

Genre: Experimental Electronic, Krautrock, Berlin School

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Peter Frohmader biography

Born 9th May 1958 (Munich, Germany)

The multi-instrumentalist Peter Frohmader is the founder and leader of Nekropolis (heavy & dark electronic rock group launched in the late 70’s). Five major albums have been published under the name (Nekropolis, Nekropolis 2, Two Compositions Nekropolis Live & „Cultes des Goules” from 1979 – 1985).

More in the vein of krautrock dark experimentations (with tape manipulations and doom bass sequences), „musik aus dem schattenreich Nekropolis” was released under the same name (1978-79). Nekropolis and Peter Frohmader solo projects are considered as leading experiences in the appreciation of complex modern electronica. Their synthetic, electronic textures and obvious tastes for free jazz, avant-garde improvisations are linked to Heldon, Richard Pinhas, Magma.

Frohmader was first deeply influenced by the „cosmic” electronic wave of 70’s…

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